2023 Summer Work & Supply List

Parents may purchase the items in the supply lists below on their own from whatever store they choose, or they can have all the items shipped in one box with free shipping through SchoolToolBox using the website: https://schooltoolbox.com/.  Just enter Rising Leaders Academy for the school name on the website. The boxed shipment does not include laptops for grades 4 and up because SchoolToolBox does not sell computers, so parents must get the laptop from elsewhere if they choose to have all other items shipped from SchoolToolBox. Backpacks and water bottles are also not on the SchoolToolBox list, so parents will purchase those separately.

RLA is a high performing school that uses an advanced curriculum. All students are required to complete the mandatory summer work to enter their next grade level well prepared for the work ahead. Teachers begin each year’s lessons by building off of the summer work assignments. Summer work is graded and will be entered as the first grade into the grade book at the beginning of each year. For Evan Moor Workbooks, enter Coupon Code DSA2023 to get Free Shipping. 

  • Kindergarten Summer Books (2 books):
  1. Evan Moor Workbook (click)
  2. Handwriting Workbook (click)
  1. Pre-Algebra Book (click)
  2. Novel Project: 7th Grade Summer Work (click)
  • Eighth Grade Summer Book and Project:
  1. Algebra Book (click)
  2. Novel Project: 8th Grade Summer Work (click)
  • Ninth Grade Summer Book and Project:
  1. Geometry Book (click)
  2. Novel Project: 9th and 10th Grade Summer Work (click)
  • Tenth Grade Summer Book and Project:
  1. PSAT Book (click)
  2. Novel Project: 9th and 10th Grade Summer Work (click)